Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Tiny Desk Contest Entry 2023

 Everyone's doing it? Right?

Entered it as it felt silly not to. Recorded in my kids' room, at far too small a desk.  (more of my music at pennyandthebandits.com)

Sunday, March 5, 2023

Eides and Tides March on

Chani was right. It does(?) feel like things are starting to rip. Let's find out!

March 2nd, I got to join an amazing cohort of actorly funny people for Rev Matt Kessen's Second Annual Monster Science Award show at the Bryant Lake Bowl. Last year's was absolutely giddy. This year's was very very silly. See above. 

Thursday March 9th, I have the absolute honor and privilege to play with Local Music Scene. Local musicians, improv comedians, all joy. It'll be at the Bryant Lake Bowl, 7 p.m. show. #happiness.

I've been coaching an incredible group of improvisers for the last two months, and this Friday, they open as part of Throwback Night at HUGE! They're doing the Armando, and they are the loveliest. Fridays, 8 p.m. through the end of April.  

Poppa Pia returns! The improvised ABBA jukebox musical comes to HUGE, Saturdays at 7 p.m. through the end of April. #voulezvous?

I'll be hosting Hear Her Stories, a night of storytelling in celebration of Women's History Month at Mill City Museum, happens on Friday March 24th, 7:30 p.m. show. The line-up of storytellers is awesome. Please come. 

And then a LATE SHOW? Stand Up Smack Down, hosted by Sarah McPeck, at the Bryant Lake Bowl

Some COMPAS at Family Means, some Bakken... All good stuff. #fingerscrossed

It feels like a lot, but then I have to check my lists and play the game of "What am I doing?" when it honestly feels like something's not getting tended... Friends are feeling overwhelmed, and I'm sort of teetering on that edge. I'm not quite overwhelmed, but WHAT AM I MISSING? 

Much love. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2023


 A slow slow start. BUT in many ways not. January's been it's own weird slow-but-lego-clicking-to-the-future. I will take it!

 - The HUGE anniversary show, per precedent, so fun. Thank you to Chris Rodriguez for delight!

 - HR Seminar! Jim Robinson is a genius, and I will glare at anyone who says otherwise. You can watch us amuse ourselves here. 

 - I got to do my solo improv bit, 5 Music Videos, at Improv A Go Go. I don't really know where or what it is, but I love doing it. 

 - Nudge is nudging, and it's been so lovely. Getting around illness and just life, you can see us at HUGE Friday's at 8 p.m. through the end of February. What a dream. 

 - I'm now a part of Open Your Mouth and Sing's Musical Ensemble class: we're working on a musical invocation, and perform (online), February 8th and 9th. IT WILL BE VERY SILLY. 

 - I'm taking a BYOB Guitar Class at Sarah Jane's Music School, and it's the nicest group of humans. Big thanks to Evan Fox for being our captain. 

 - I'm coaching one of the Throwback Night groups at HUGE! We've been assigned the Armando, and they are truly fantastic. Opening in March!

 - Poppa Pia returns! We're currently in rehearsal, and also open in March at HUGE

 - MARCH, right? March involves singing some songs with Local Music Scene (so excited!), hosting for Mill City's Hear Her Stories, maybe going back to Family Means for COMPAS, and everything opening. February, thankfully, is getting ready. 

 - Will Roberts and I have been rehearsing music. We are FroschMaus. Will's amazing. More to come. 

 - Also, I'm starting those tiny little steps to recording an album for Penny and the Bandits stuff. First step, scratch tracks to drummer. Reach out to audio engineer. Find a saxophonist. Practice bass parts. Which is all good February stuff. HERE WE GO. 

And that's news. Lego-click-by-lego-bit. Grateful for February, and a little bit of time.