Monday, September 26, 2011

Hunter Gatherers! And more Camilla!

Hi friends!

I am thrilled and honored and excited - - please come check out Hunter Gatherers at the Red Eye Theater, running Oct. 14th - 30th. Called a "mash-up of the most brutal episode of Wild Kingdom and any episode of South Park" by the San Francisco Bay Guardian.. that's a pretty apt description.

The script is so smart. And so well written. And so damned funny. And terrible. This is the playwright's blog. (Be charmed!) This is the cast. Dan, Kevin and Bethany are awesome. Come see come see!

In the midst of Hunting and Gathering, there is also a CAMILLA!!!!!

The theme for October is GHOSTS!

Featuring real life ghost stories from local artist Alison Nowak, local actress/improviser Taj Ruler, and founder of the MN Paranormal Investigators, John Savage! All this, plus spoooooky improv by Boytron!

Thursday Oct. 6th, 10 p.m. at the Bryant Lake Bowl.
See for details.

Neat? Super neat.

Hoping your fall is beautiful!