Sunday, January 30, 2011

Busy chickens, we all have been..

Hi friends! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I'm a caffeinated fiend - - and all my brain can spit out is in press release form.. Apologies!

Camilla Parker's first show went lovely! Many many thanks to Joseph Scrimshaw, Brian Beatty and Huge Theater! Along with BOYTRON, who kicked ass and became ghosts and curtains. Happy!

What's next!

Penner Vs. The Hydra - this is a terribly terribly fun show, featuring beautiful funny people saying funny smart things. Good god. And dancing. And Greek mythology. And love. We open Friday Feb. 4th and run for two weekends only! Please come see!

Camilla Parker Bowls (at the BLB) - Theme for February: ROCK STARS! Holy crap. And we've got Rockstar Storyteller Courtney McClean, Barb Abney of 89.3 The Current and US Air Guitar Championship National Finalist Meg "Aireola" Linafelter. All this, and improv by BoyTron too!

HUGE THEATER is open and amazing. Please come check out "Overheard in Minneapolis" and "Ka-Baam!!", Fridays and Saturday at 8 p.m..

Whew. Whew? Whew!!! Fun, friends. Let's make more fun. :)