Saturday, March 19, 2022

Hear Her Stories: A Celebration of Women's History Month at Mill City Museum!

Join Mill City Museum and Story Arts of Minnesota for an evening of storytelling in recognition of Women's History Month.

Hear true stories–funny, poignant, and inspiring–from contemporary women inspired by history and women of the past. Storytellers are:
Iris Altamirano, “Becoming Madame Presidenta,"
Beverly Cottman,”Charlene and Beatrice: Two Edward’s Girls of Kansas City”
Christine Jenkins, "Wanda Gag: artist, author, and New Woman"
Jean Loyd, “The Pink Hallway Pass”
Carol McCormick, “Spiritual ROI: U of MN School of Nursing"
Pam Schweitzer, “Dorothy Molter: The Root Beer Lady”
Dawn Tomlinson, " Living in Minnesota: One Mixed Race Korean Adoptee story"
Shayla Walker
Wisdom Young, “Hotcombs and Hardtimes”
The evening is hosted by Twin Cities performer Jen Scott.
Doors open at 6:30 pm. Seating is general admission. Cost is $10-12; MNHS members save 20%.
Please note, the museum gallery will be closed during this event.

Sunday, March 6, 2022

March 2022 - 'hup!

 Oh goodness, love. January was hard. It bled into February, which unexpectedly more sun, a little more warmth, and globally, more than can be expressed by someone so removed from it. 

 - Childcare started again, and then NOPE! I was lucky enough to finish up subbing an art class at New City Charter, and then had to cancel everything again. And, incredibly lucky to be able to cancel stuff and still be okay. 

 - Got to do a staged reading of Don Juan by super-dead playwright Moliere, and goodness, was it the most fun one could have in a darkened theater on a Saturday afternoon. Ham, you ask? SO MUCH HAM. Thanks to Philip for the opportunity! 

 - Butch and I got to Adorable twice at Improv A Go Go, which is the best thing for the soul. 

Photo by @adamiversonphotography

 - HUGE Anniversary Show! 11 years!?!? Got to duo with Denzil, and DELIGHT. 

 - I've been lucky enough to play with the Jill Bernard's Unnamed Project at Improv A Go Go - - Oof. What an incredible group Jill has collected, and what ridiculous joy. Thank you, Jill!! Two more Sundays, March 7th & March 14th, 8 p.m., HUGE Theater.

 - Got to coach at the Friday Night Stage Match at Strike, and it's been a while. So great. 

 - Last but not least-ly, I got to accept an award for Sir Stephen Fry at the Rev. Matt Kessen's First Annual Monster Award show, and it was buzzy and happy and holy crapnuts, that was fun. I LEFT MY GODDAMN UKULELE AGAIN. 

 - If looking for panic, follow two under-six-year-olds through corporate-created ice castles filled with snow-bound Minnesotans at a dead run. It was fun. They are fast. 

 - Take on February while also selling a house. If looking for an awesome realtor, Travis Sagedahl of Sagedahl Reality is who you are looking for. I'm so incredibly grateful: he helped me so much. 


 - Continue to teach an amazing Level 201 class at HUGE!

 - Still at Circus Juventas... so much love. 

 - I was back at Family Means in Stillwater when I could, and should be back in March. I'm now also at Walker Methodist with an absolutely fantastic group for memoir work. Ask me about five year olds flagging down trains. Holy what. This is all through COMPAS, and I'm so grateful.

 - Genre Roller Coaster Musical Improv Online Class with the Nursery Theatre has started up again. The sound you hear is a continuous squee. 

- I'm curating a storytelling show at Mill City Museum on March 26th in recognition of Women's History Month. More information to come!

 - CHICAGO AVENUE PROJECT! It's the loveliest of programs, and folks at PH+T have kept it going through a pandemic. 12 years of music directing, I get to act! GASP! More info to come!

 - Stuff coming in April too!

 - Stuff in May?! 

Minneapolis and St. Paul Public Schools are about to strike for all the right reasons. Here's to a quick resolution, supporting those who have done such an incredible job caring for and educating our kids. Here's to Minnesota giving some of its 9 BILLION dollar surplus to support those who, you know, risk their lives, hearts, and now, their livelihood. 

It's been such a blessing to be in theaters, doing joyful things with incredible people. So incredibly lucky.

January was hard. It bled into February. Here's for things. <3