Saturday, August 14, 2021

I want a goddamn cloak

 Posting this from November's Fortune Fool's Theatre's storytelling show "To Breed Or Not to Breed"... I'm first up, and it's about 8? minutes long. Love!

Sunday, August 1, 2021

This might be a two-fer.. August 2021


We are still traveling. 

<--- Considerate ghost follows mask mandate. 

 - Ham. We've eaten so much ham. Ham is abundant. My kids have been served a plate of potato chips with a slice of ham next to the chips. This is amusing to me. 

 - Big city is full of characters if you actually have the chance to slow down and not be run over. This is great. Nothing is simple in said big city, and it's a lovely place at times. 

 - Went on a large ferris wheel. Confirmed my fear of heights. 

 - We're traveling with an almost four year old, which means peeing on parks. Fancy parks with sculpted trees. Possibly a hammer/nail situation. 

 - We've gone through moist weather which molds your clothes, to getting punched in the skin by the sun for five days, and back to.. moderate? I worry for Minneapolis, am ready to get back, and am also anxious for the return... which is a strange thing to work around. This travel has felt like an extension of COVID lockdown, and not seeing people feels almost natural. And it's certainly not. 

This fall, there is (tentative?) stuff!

 - The Bungalow Loft! Produced by Fearless Comedy, written by Shanan Custer, directed by Dawn Krosnowski, and featuring Ambrosia Jasmine Webb, Angela Fox, Sarah Broude, and me! Playing Fridays and Saturdays, October 1st - 23rd at the Mounds Theater! The scripted is wonderful, the people are wonderful - - please come to haunted St. Paul!

 - Storytelling for Fortune's Fool Theatre, September 16th - 18th, at the Crane Theater. The title is currently You who I always/never/once loved, and the collection of storytellers is lovely.

 - The Twin Cities Horror Fest 2021! Taj Ruler and I are creating something.. more news to come!

 - SHOW X at HUGE THEATER MAYBE IN SEPTEMBER!?!?! OH YES PLEASE! (I honestly don't know if we start in September, but I'm just going to send some love and hope out for this..) 

 - I'm still making and sharing music at Penny & the Bandits... Hoping to figure out some sort of actual recording situation soon. :) 

Love and miss you, and seeing you face would be the best.