Saturday, September 30, 2023


It's almost here. October is my birthday month, and I dig it. Is it also the internet's favorite month? PERHAPS. It's somehow around the corner...

I've been lucky enough to get back into the studio; Matt Patrick at the Library is so so good, and it's amazing to work with him. Fingers crossed for an album out by the end of the year? That would be so very very cool. 

COMPAS has started up, with two memoir-ish classes... 

And, gem of gems, I was able to play Mary Jo Pehl's Garage for the Performing Arts again. Is it the loveliest? IT IS! So many thanks to Mary Jo for the opportunity! (And for Sam Baker-Harris for joining me Saturday!) 

OCTOBER! It's almost done looming. 

I'm directing Fortune Fool's new fall musical, Cold Planet Warm Heart; we start rehearsals next week. What will that look like? WHO KNOWS. The cast is awesome, the music director is lovely, the scripts and the songs... Right now, being a director is 7 parts admin assistant and 3 parts project manager... I'm hoping the majority of it will be getting out of everyone's way, and REALIZING (hioooo) the project. And take care of everyone involved. Once it starts, it's starts... so here we go. 

Otherwise, Family Dinner rehearsals at HUGE start up again. I'm still writing songs. Performance-wise, things get sassier in November. Made it through the start of school, soccer, and prepping/worrying over things starting. Very lucky for it all. 

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