Saturday, April 8, 2023

There's a Very Pretty Song - April

There's a very pretty song by Simon & Garfunkel called "April, Come She Will"... And now we're already 8 days into. Who knew? 

The beginning of April meant Spring Break this year; there hasn't been much time to rest (or blog.) We went to Chicago to take care of some very fancy passports. Chicago likes scale. On a scale of small to Chicago, Chicago is filled with Chicago things. 

 - Singing a two minute song summoning Mothra was more fun than one would have thought. Thank you to the Rev. Matt Kessen and 10 Items or Fewer and Andrea! for the joy!

 - Throwback Night at HUGE has been a joy. I've been lucky enough to coach the group doing the Armando, and they are a dreamdreamdream. 

 - Poppa Pia at HUGE plays through April. The most surreal ABBA filled weddings you could hope for. 

 - Hear Her Stories at Mill City was beautiful!!

 - And the gift of playing Local Music Scene was so lovely. So grateful. 

April begins maybe Spring (per above), and the slow chunk and wind-up into summer until we land squarely in August. It honestly feels like this is how it works: not good or bad, just seasonal. 

 - I'm teaching a listening workshop at HUGE! It's a two session event and so very excited. 

 - There's a Crack in Everything returns!!! Sunday April 9th i.e. THAT Sunday i.e. TOMORROW. Details here!

- Something Musical is up at HUGE Wednesdays. It's a lovely mix of my solo show 5 Music Videos, Eckberger (sigh!), and at least one Nora Laura Jen & Kelly. Delights!

 - Art & Apps! A COMPAS fundraiser! I get to help out with this night, and it should honestly be delightful. 

Still taking guitar classes and Open Your Mouth and Sing online improv. Have started Katy Schutte's Write Your Solo Show (she's great!) Still writing songs. Some Bakken and some teaching for COMPAS (found object puppets!).  

I actually get to go into a studio and record this month (fingers crossed). I think I need to get over the idea of me being perfect, and let someone else help put stuff together. As if imperfect is undeserving. It's okay.

Got to see a bunch of beautiful people that I love these last two nights - - it's funny to get together with folks, who you don't live with, but have known for now over 20 years. We are our each others' cheerleaders and each others' community. Such lucky loves. Needless to say, we should have more parties. Love!