Monday, August 28, 2023

Fall is coming... September?

Most of August was spent away from the Twin Cities, visiting family.. and also running away from family, which was incredibly incredibly lucky too. 

Learned bits:

 - I learned I like to walk! In nature, specifically. Without any agenda, and no desire to drive, I will walk around by myself in the pretty for hours.  

Example of pretty. 

 - I learned to drive on the left side of things! It was in general fine.. ahhhhh.. insanely skinny roads climbing up mountains, into tractors and giant buses, was bracing. 

 - I saw truly funny and beautiful people. So many thanks to Heather, Jules, and Joe of AndAlso Improv in Brighton, UK... To Carmen for showing me beaches. To Ruby for lunches under trains. To Willem for BarbieGirl. 

Lookit these dreams! 

 - I taught the AndAlso drop-in in Brighton, UK! Our focus was emotions, and everyone emoted beautifully. They were incredibly generous with their playtime and energy, and we had such fun.

 - I saw Joe Bill in Lyon, France, at the Lyon Improv Fest! WUT. <3 He was teaching Improv in Mixed Languages, and listening to improv scenes in other languages is just about the prettiest thing. Am I forever grateful for Joe Bill, and being able to take classes from him? (even if it's only been three workshops over 20 years? Isn't that strange too? I love what he teaches and him.) 

And these dreams too!

I'll try and type up a travel-thingie. It was a special trip and I am truly grateful. 

We flew back into Minneapolis on Friday, and on Saturday, I taught a session on Listening at HUGE's Summer Intensive. So grateful for the time and everyone there! (Thank you, Jill!)

And now, easing into at least September, if not the idea of fall. I have a COMPAS residencies with Lyngblomsten Apartments and one with Jewish Children and Family Service's Memory Cafe, both starting in two weeks. 

That being said, October loooms. Which I kind of like for October. Don't stop, you. 

Sending so much love.