Thursday, June 8, 2023

June Spoon

Will I start this blog with a "Hey oh no I missed the 1st!" I WILL! As the 1st of the month was eaten up, and that's okay! 

May had stuff. There was a week of almost nightly (and very fun) performances and a week at an elementary school, making newscasts with 3rd graders. (Thank you, COMPAS!) I finished up my Wednesday run at HUGE, which finished with a group called Lads and I'm still giggly about it. 


I got eaten by editing said newscasts (16 tiny videos), helped chaperone my 4th grader's class at an art museum, had meetings, got a haircut, and got spit back out the other side. Bring Your Kids at the Bryant Lake Bowl! A solo music set at Gigi's! A one-off Mystery Cafe show! Adorable! I ate a lot of Tacos Johns. 

June, performance-wise, is pretty quiet. The Twin Cities Improv Festival is around the corner: it's our last one in the original HUGE building, and will be a gd party. 

I'm working on cleaning up what got pushed aside: mostly house stuff, laundry stuff, basement stuff. We have lived hard in this little house, and it shows. The stasis of the pandemic, and suddenly one kid is ten and one kid is five: the house could use a bunch of love, and I'm trying. Moving things out of the house. Giving things away. Throwing things away. It's a start. 

June/July is pointed at work: teaching a couple of summer camps at Children's Theatre Company and the Bakken Museum, and holidays will force everyone to slow down? And then August. And then fall. 

I've been very very lucky to be going into the Library Studio with the incredible Matt Patrick and recording. It feels like creating an album is like parenting: it's a long process. I want it done now, but it's okay that it's not. It's probably good that these things take time. But oh man. Matt is amazing, and I'm the luckiest. 

Onward indeed. 

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