Saturday, May 13, 2023

May! Oh gob! May!

 How did it become May!? May 13th, even!?

April was a blur. The eldest kiddo is dealing with chronic stomach stuff - - and that truly upsets everything. Many things continued to go, even as many things were paused or interrupted. Hopefully, we're getting to a better feeling place. <3 

 - Poppa Pia finished up at HUGE Theater. IT WAS A RIDE!

 - There's A Crack in Everything came back and it was beautiful. So many thanks to Spencer, Dan, Felicity, and Will. What a dream. 


(I wore a fancy dress)

 - I coached the most wonderful group of improvisers and they rocked it. Throwback Night finished up at HUGE Theater and it was great!

 - HUGE Theater let me offer a two session listening workshop and it was LOVELY!

 - Arts and Apps, the COMPAS fundraiser, was so much fun. They also sent me home with a billion dumplings. I love a billion dumplings. 


(my activity! People did great, especially after I got out of the gd way.) 

 - I got to spend time with Matt Patrick of the Library Studio and I'm so so incredibly grateful. I go back for more in a couple of weeks. He's amazing. 


 - Something Musical presents continues on Wednesdays at HUGE Theater! 8 p.m. show. I've done my solo thing (5 Music Videos), and so many thanks to Eckberger and Laura, Nora, and Kelly for playing tooo!


(Obligatory pre-solo improv selfie) 

 - Micheal Rogers writes the funny funny, and it was delightful being a part of his part of 5/5ths. Thank you, Micheal!  

 - HR Seminar was up for Triple Double #swoon



 - Friday May 19th, I go in for Mystery Cafe. heh. 

 - Sunday May 21st: I think I'm at Improv a Go Go! PWYC at HUGE Theater, 8 p.m. show. 

 - Wednesday May 24th, Something Musical presents 5 Music Videos at HUGE Theater. 8 p.m. show. 

 - Thursday May 25th, BRING YOUR KIDS! RETURNS!! Info here! Tickets here!

 - Friday May 26th, I get to play my music at Gigi's Cafe as part of Neighborhood Night! There's no cover, but do come in and have snacks! 6 p.m. - 8 p.m. at Gigi's. 


 - Saturday May 27th, Adorable is up for Triple Double at HUGE Theater. I cannot wait. 

 - Wednesday May 31st, the last Something Musical presents Lads at HUGE Theater. Sigh. 

And then June presents a big ole performance break. AND THAT'S OKAY. June gets busy in the ways that summer does, and rolls into July. And then August. 

And it turns out that, if you're lucky and get to coach teen improv for a while, those teens grow up into grown ups, and sometimes get married, and if you're double-lucky, you might get to go to that wedding and see a bunch of them. Oh man. CONGRATS, JACKSON!!! LOVE YOU SO!!

(free wine)