Wednesday, November 2, 2011

November fun!

I got caught up in October and Red Eye things - - and sort of got behind in the rest of life.

Camilla Parker Bowls (at the BLB) is an interview and improv show, featuring interviews with local storytellers, celebrities and interesting folk. The reins are then handed over to a group of improvisers, who take the themes created and present an original piece of improv - - all new, always different, always fun.

The theme for November is RECITAL! Featuring opera singer Laura Hynes, Nyes Polonaise Room/Saints Baseball and so much more pianist Andy Crowley, and co-founder of HUGE Theater, Nels Lennes. Improv by BOYTRON! Click here for more information!

Thursday Nov. 9th
9:30 p.m. doors, 10 p.m. show
$6 adv, $8 at door
Fun? FUN.

Explorer's Club at HUGE Wednesdays!
Wednesdays in November and December!
8 p.m., HUGE Theater! $5!
...we may not be wearing the costumes, but, good gracious, please come join us.

And finally, ADORABLE returns to Improv a Go Go! Huge Theater, Sunday November 20th, 8 p.m.. Yes? Yes.

Hoping things are lovely!!