Saturday, June 18, 2022

We did a thing! Canby MN SW Minnesota Arts Council Residency

I was the luckiest duck and was sent to Canby, MN through COMPAS for a Theater and Storytelling residency. 

Joyce of the SW Minnesota Arts Council was my keeper, and just the best person you could ever hope to have in your corner. We did improv in the park with elementary and middle school kids, curated conversation with the residents of Sylvan Place (an assisted living facility in Canby), theater-based play with the preschoolers at the Connection, all wrapping up with a performance by the improv students in the Central Park, kicking off the annual Hat Daze celebration. 

I was told to check out the Rock Room in Gary, SD, was absolutely included in the community of Madison, MN by Kris at the Madison Mercantile, I ate taco Tuesday from Jim's Market, had Dairy Queen at least three times, and truly enjoyed Barb's Potato Salad from Jim's (after Barb at Sylvan let me know that it was her recipe.) 

It was a beautiful week, and I'm so incredibly grateful for it all. Really really cool community-based stuff is happening in SW Minnesota, and I was honored to experience just a bit of it. 


We did a thing! Poppa Pia at Strike Theater

So so so very lucky. 

If wondering if we were having fun... we were having such insane fun. 

Such insane fun. Zero chill. All love. 

Will the ABBA jukebox musical return? OH MAN WE HOPE SO. So many thanks to Our Town Improv for putting this new family together. 

Friday, June 10, 2022

We did a thing! 2022 Grand Marshall & Pride Awards

When your friend Carolyn reaches out, wondering if you can dress up like a Golden Girl, hang out with old dear ones, and then yell at lovely lovely strangers at an open bar, you say yes as quickly as possible. <3  

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

June 2022... Let's find out!

It might be spring/summer here. Flowering tree season landed beautifully in MN, and then disappeared just as quickly. Tornado warnings and thunderstorms and festival season. Here we go!

Our first Midtown Global Market Family Friday happened! Remy Chacon of Mug Cup Can Straw is FANTASTIC. Wanna see some good kids' music? Wanna eat an arepa? Have we got the show for you? I played my kids' music, and I liked what I played, and it was also fine. BUT COME SEE REMY. I'll be there too. June 24th, 5 p.m. - 7 p.m., FREE, at the Midtown Global Market. 

Poppa Pia opens (and closes) next weekend! June 9th - 11th, Strike Theater! I'll be at the Friday 8:30 p.m.. Saturday 3:30 p.m. and 7 p.m. shows. Honestly, this show is driving on desperate joy and INSANITY. A hoot, I tell you. 

I won't be there for the Thursday show, as I'll be dressed as Dorothy from the Golden Girls at the 2022 Grand Marshal & Pride Awards. Wut. Yep. Speaking of, I need a gd wig. 

AND THE TWIN CITIES IMPROV FESTIVAL!! YAYYYY! Nudge will be up Thursday June 23rd, Adorable will be up Sunday June 26th. 

Teaching-wise, I'm lucky enough to be finishing up an Amplifying Voices 101 at HUGE Theater. I'll also be heading to Canby, MN for a week-long residency through COMPAS: it should be lovely! (Although I'm missing Hat Daze.)

A bit of summer camp teaching that I hope will go well, and a bit of summer wrangling. COVID + strike late school ending = a mishmash of a schedule. Somehow, July makes more sense, but that could also be a lie. I'm working on getting stuff our of the house, while doing the summer-house things that we're supposed to do. 

Wishing us all luck, patience, and grace. Love!