Thursday, September 16, 2021

Do you remember? something something.. SEPTEMBER!

 It IS September.! And there is stuff to share!

I think these things are happening, as much as we can be sure of anything progressing... All COVID-safe as we can be (proof of vaccination and audience masking required). 

 -  You who I always/never/once loved for Fortune's Fool Theatre, September 16th - 18th, at the Crane Theater. We just teched last night and it's lovely. Come be in a space with us. I yell a LOT. 

 - SHOW X IS BACK!!! BWAHAHAHA! Our first performance back was a joy and dumb and Hannah made everyone cry. Mondays, HUGE Theater, 8 p.m.

 - The Bungalow Loft! Produced by Fearless Comedy, written by Shanan Custer, directed by Dawn Krosnowski, and featuring the amazing Ambrosia Jasmine Webb, Angela Fox, Sarah Broude, and me! Playing Fridays and Saturdays, October 1st - 23rd at the very haunted Mounds Theater. The scripted is wonderful, the people are wonderful, the theater is haunted - - please come to St. Paul!

 - Am I still making music! Oh goodness yesh. Penny & the Bandits.. Adding possible bandits soon.. :) 

What else? Teaching at HUGE starts soon, I'm getting my house in North Minneapolis ready for sale (so much paint, so much gray).. I'm taking another couple classes from the Nursery Theatre online, because I love joy. Other teaching stuff seems to be waiting

School has started again, and there's been a number of outdoor, wonderful get togethers around that fact, mostly involving Painter Park in Minneapolis (and one with actual other adults! MEEP!) 

Thinking of you, out there, and sending so much love.