Sunday, November 5, 2023

November, if a bit late

 Hi! We made it. 

October was taken up by directing a musical for Fortune Fools Theater and it opened last night! Lucky to have worked on it, and happy to have it in others' hands. The cast is so so good! The crew is amaze-balls. I hope it's the best run. 

I didn't schedule much, performance-wise, for October (cuz #musical),  EXCEPT for MONSTERPALOOZA at the Bryant Lake Bowl with the Rev. Matt Kessen, which was a goddamn delight. So many thanks to Matt, Duck Washington, and Elora Riley for making it so. 

For COMPAS, I finished up a Memory CafĂ© for the Jewish Children and Family Services (just wonderful), a one-off improv workshop for Dakota County Libraries (they were so good!), the shortest ice-breaker for MSS... All very lucky. I'm still working with an awesome group of Deaf Ladies at Lyngblomsten Apartments: they'll be doing a storytelling sharing at the end of the month. 

I got to go back into the studio for a bit: this sort of recording is the longest game, but so excited. 

I love October, and I'm sad to see it go, weirdly. It was a very responsible and busy month, some lessons were learned, and WE DID IT! And... we need some make-up October please. 

November, performance things pick up!

HUGE stuff! Family Dinner returns to HUGE! Right now, I'm scheduled to be in November 11th, 18th, 26th, and December 16th. Glorious Humans presents Anthology at HUGE Wednesdays through December, and Bring Your Kids makes it HUGE debut on November Saturday 11th! New stage! New excitement! Hold onto your butts, indeed!

Improv-A-Thon is HAPPENING! Please support Adorable (Butch and me) and Five Music Videos (my solo improv silliness) in raising funds for the best damn long-form improv theater around. Adorable at 10 a.m., Five Music Video at 11 a.m., Thursday Nov. 16th  at HUGE

I recorded a bit for the Out Cold horror podcast; the listening party is Wednesday Nov. 9th at Soft Cult Studio. #fancy

And finally, I'll be at the White Squirrel for Twin Cities Songwriters Rounds on Sunday Nov. 12th. 

Exciting! Cool stuff! Weird! Ope!

Something cool: Balls Cabaret returns (look at the old facebook pandemic times of it all)! The long-running open mic INSTITUTION, run by absolute angel Leslie Ball, begins again. Strike Theater, 2 p.m., Sundays... I'm so delighted. Many happy returns, Balls. <3 <3 <3