Saturday, November 21, 2020

Big performance times into shhhh

Hi loves! It's a week in November... any fall class are closing, or have closed up. WHAT DOES DECEMBER HOLD? RIGHT NOW, NOT MUCH. 

 - My 201 with HUGE Theater finished last week, and they are all heroes. The best.

We met outside to have class, after weeks of Zooming. Look at these beautiful, cold friends!

I got to coach two of them for IMPROVATHON 2020, as 1+1=Jew. They played at 1:30 a.m.. They are incredible. 

 - My last class with Children's Theatre Company is today. It's been delightful, and I will miss their faces, and I hope to see them again. Maybe in person sometime? That'd be awesome. 

 - And I've been taking a class with WGS, the Improvised Play as taught by the fantastic Brandon Gardner. Folks in LA! Folks in New York and DC! Folks in Johannesburg! This part of the future is fascinating. 

Our final performance was yesterday. WATCH OUR DRAMA. 

Fortune's Fool Theatre asked me to be a part of their COVID-safe storytelling show, "To Breed or Not to Breed." I'm grateful for the opportunity! It was so lovely to be backstage with such beautiful people, and amazing to feel such support. (Also, someone please give Aaron a million dollars for not only music, but support laughs.) We just closed this this week, and... 

IMPROVATHON 2020 also happened! 28 hours of Improv, for Give to the Max Day (A Minnesotan day of fundraising) in support of HUGE Theater. When have we done multiple shows in a day, how long has it been? When have we concertedly gotten together online, and played? IT WAS JUST WONDERFUL AND THNAK YOU EVERYONE! 

 Nudge got to play!  

Adorable got to play! (As the Brits I think would say, Butch and I were chuffed at figuring this out. It was Butch. It was two minutes before showtime. So dumb!)

And Nimblicity too!

A really really wonderful run of stuff. 

What does December hold? Erm... As previously stated, not much. And it feels like anything that comes will probably be self-driven.. 

I've been using these lovely Kaleidoscope Creativity Cards to write and record some music. Trying to get into as much of a daily practice as life allows, and will share eventually. 

I will also be tending to a sore back (PT is amazing. Grateful.), and hopefully focusing on some physical stuff too? 

Hopefully making December and early January more than just waiting for the 20th. 

Love and miss you all.