Monday, July 31, 2023

August - - shhhhhhhh

 Hi! On the quiet side of things... 

July was summer-camp-focused. I have been teaching some form of summer camp over the last 20ish years. And it's okay to be done. Right? (I have a hard time quitting things.) 

My expectations on summer camp are lowwwww. Safety! Fun! Try to avoid Exhaustion! ... exhaustion always comes. It's always a mixed bag, you never know what you're stepping into (on a daily basis), ever changing, ever tired, ever reminding students to listen to each other and celebrating them... (Plus, there's been this pandemic. We're all trying our best.) And watching the students do a better job socially than my generation has ever done.

The kids are alright. I'm just tired. 

 - Children's Theatre Company middle school... The theme was Holes. They DID SUCH A GOOD JOB. (And, was there one student who was too young for the class? Who I didn't learn was too young until the last day, after my teacher assistant and I wrangled and wrangled and reminded? BECAUSE HE WAS THIS MANY YEARS OLD? BECAUSE IT WAS HIS FIRST SOCIAL THING IN THREE YEARS? Who's parents were so happy and grateful and just lovely folks... The energy.. it goes.) 

Lesson: next time, do a grade check of the kiddos. The front office was also surprised when I told them on Friday, and shared how difficult it would be to avoid this. Which, honestly, bummer. 

See? Summer camp. 

 - Bakken Museum Young Makers for two weeks. 2nd - 3rd graders. Makin' stuff. (And yet, again, was there a volunteer the first week who seemed to be actively working against me and my teaching assistant? GAHHH! First week, a panic. Second week, new volunteer, and it was a lovely time.)


The only way to avoid this is, honestly, to stop teaching summer camp. As it's always, for me, been this Chutes and Ladders experience, as humans are humans, and it's a bit of a crucible. 

Also, now, I have children of my own. Who are summer camp age. This is probably making a difference in the spoons I have for this these age groups. The patience expands and contracts like lungs. Mix in some wild fire smoke, hot hot days, and some medical issues on my own kids' side... In many ways, July was a lot. 

Performance-wise, I've hit a couple of music Open Mics. Shout out to Zachary Scot Johnson and Minneapolis Cider... what a dream. Bring Your Kids had a performance for Eden Prairie School's Eagle Zone Junior (YAY!), and I head down to Mankato today to teach an Intro to Improv workshop for a summer library program through COMPAS

News: HUGE is buying a theater! GASP!!!! This is incredible. All the news here. No shows til mid-October, which is a bummer, but ALSO MAKES COMPLETE SENSE. 

We visit family out of town for a good chunk of August, and then September rolls out, and the year resets again. Rehearsals for Family Dinner begin, and the count down to October starts to tick. Not in a bad way. Just what's ahead, lovely and busy and challenging and also hopefully joyful. 

Hoping the summer has been lovely for you! 

Sunday, July 2, 2023

July month seven of twelve

It's summer-ing the summer. 

Twin Cities Improv Festival 2023 was joyous and lovely. We are the luckiest, and thank you so to those who work so incredibly hard to make it happen. Holy crap. I performed with Give the Drummer Some, and got to see some incredible incredible folks. 

Summer is officially begun: the first summer camp of the year has been taught (Sketch comedy for 7-12th grader... AHHHHAHAHAHAH. Did you know that the Lorax was a formative movie for those currently aged 13-18? I DID NOT.). 

Our list of sketches:
note the two about funerals and old people

Hopefully July will work! Teaching summer camp in a pandemic/post-pandemic era is a moving target. 

Performance-wise, there ain't much, and that's okay! Got to do an open mic this last week, and might try for a couple more before August hits. As once August hits, it's nothing, and then September comes thumping in with all the things. #school #show? #directing #allthethings

Hoping your summer months are beautiful, that the fireworks are not too loud, and that this country expands the Supreme Court because ALLTHETHINGS. 

Love and onward.