Sunday, December 31, 2023

2024! 2024!

 Oh heyyyyyyy.... 

Firstly, HAPPY NEW YEARS! Hoping the holidays have treated you and yours well. Lead with love. There's so much going on. 

December, along with 2023, is wrapping up (time being a construct, and all that.) 

This is me, post-pretending to be a bank president. 

- Bring Your Kids was a hoot! (next one on Jan. 13th!) 

- Family Dinner's last 2023 performance was last night, and was so so lovely. 

 - Glorious Human's ran gloriously at HUGE Wednesdays!

 - Unexpected friends came to Gigi's, and I had an unexpected dance squad!

 - I got a commercial! I'm so grateful. Fresh Produce of Sioux Falls took such care of me, and so many thanks to Meredith here in the Cities. :) 

- The sharing at Lyngblomsten went great. If interested, feel free to take a peek here. So many thanks to all involved, and to COMPAS

 So much of what I do runs on a school schedule: everything begins the weird ramp up to either May or December! January brings... 

 - Improv at CTC for 6th - 8th graders! Send your aged children!

 - A number of teaching projects with COMPAS begin... 

 - A new quarter at HUGE...

 - BRING YOUR KIDS! at HUGE! Saturday Jan. 13th, 4 p.m. show. 

 - Butch and I are ADORABLE! Please catch us at HUGE Wednesdays through February. <3 

 - Give the Drummer Some returns! Please watch us be everything, Fridays at 9 p.m. through February at HUGE Theater.  

 - And potentially other stuff. And maybe snacks.  

Y'ever look back at a year, and go something like, "I've been doing the same stuff for years"... Which isn't exactly true. And is actually, also, okay. Beyond okay - - it's sort of what one aims for, in many ways. And it's been really cool and great! (lots of stories, lots of singing, lots of performing, lots of silliness.. and so grateful for it all!) 

Look how fancy we are!
And... is there another way to stretch or grow or experiment? What's good, what's useful, what's healthy? What leads to excitement? What supports your community? How do you grow where you've planted? How do you help others grow? How do you continue to reach? Can you ask yourself bigger questions? Also, don't you have a physical body that should be walking more? Don't you have a house to order up? Do we subscribe to too many instagrams and substacks?  

 - Tend to your house (small and big) 
 - Attract, don't chase 
 - Let's reach and trial/experiment
- Work with joy on your puzzles
 - Listen to yourself (especially when you've been shown what's the deal.)

People have said way smarter things than what's above, but it's a start. 

Hoping you and yours are safe and healthy, and the new years/mid-winter continues to shift and fulcrum-point to new and good. 


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