Thursday, February 1, 2024

FEBRUARY... Who actually pronounces the R?

Happy February! It is (creepily) beautiful here: bright blue sky, temperature in the 40s. Everyone's out enjoying the global warming, but also well aware that this ain't right. 

January projects have begun!

 - COMPAS: A memoir class at Episcopal Homes in St Paul, Amira in Forest Lake, and Ecumen in Mankato. Still lovely! It turns out, if you ask a certain group if they remember their first crush, you will get NAMES. What a silly and beautiful thing. 

 - Amplifying Voice 301 class at HUGE Theater is a dream!!

 - Improv for 6-8th grades at Children's Theatre Company is very silly. Truly. Silly. 

 - Give the Drummer Some, 9 p.m. Fridays at HUGE Theater until the end of February. This is a joy. I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE AUDIENCE THINKS, but, honestly, we're having a great time. It's all patterns and crawling on each other, and we're the luckiest ducks.  

 - Adorable, 7:30 p.m. Wednesdays at HUGE Theater until the end of February. So much gratitude to Butch for playing this with me. It's so so so much fun, and I love it. Hopefully, we can start making the festival rounds... Neither of us live with toddlers anymore. WHAT IS POSSIBLE!?

 - BRING YOUR KIDS! Next one is Saturday Feb. 10th!! We sold out January, and would love to rock dreamy February...  

Things that also needs to get done while doing the above things?

 - PROMOTION! Wuf. I finally got things together, and have been making little weekly videos for these shows. You can find my tiny and weird video collection here

 - CREATION! Matt Patrick of the Library Studio has the final mixes of my first album done! LET'S GO! 

 - APPLICATION! Many things to apply to. (Maybe not many, but it feels like many.) Also, many things to tend to. It's not spring yet, despite all the feels. I've been tending by way of pruning: getting rid of old socks, donating things that were purchased with unrealized good intentions. Make space make space make space, even down to my Google storage. What's filling vs. serving? THIS SOUNDS VERY FANCY, and not as potentially either panic-driven or cut throat as it sometimes feels. 

 - Also, community. There's been some sad and wonderful moments of community. Attended a celebration of life, and am thinking how grateful that we've memorized each others' laughs.

 - Also, community: got to be a part of a group of chaperones, taking 25 fifth graders across town on Metrotransit on a very cold day. Successful highjinks!!  

Onward and hoping things are good with you. <3 

Adorable from Jan 31st. 
Pure silly! A picture from the January Bring Your Kids 

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