Friday, September 30, 2022

October times...

Oh, it is! 

It is one day from October (month of month), and virgo szn (I now carry a binder full of notes, lesson plans, and calendarings) has moved into libra szn (#dreamy) and let's do it!


TONIGHT (which is technically September, I know), There's A Crack in Everything happens again! Featuring Daniel Bonespur, MJ Matheson, Danna Sheridan, and a mysterious guest. 7 p.m. Bryant Lake Bowl. Tickets here

A MASHUP! Thursday Oct. 6th, it's Rev. Matt's Monster Science VS. There's a Crack in Everything! Holy gob! Spooky songs and spooky tales, featuring the erudite Rev. Matt Kessen, the band 10 Items or Fewer, and myself, accompanied by the incredible Will Roberts on bass!! Tickets here!

Give the Drummer Some continues! Boy, we hope you like. Boy, we're having fun. Saturdays at HUGE Theater

The Unnamed Jill Bernard Project continues too, and I have missed every performance since the summer. GAHHHGH. It's the loveliest of shows, and I hope I can come play!

BRING YOUR KIDS: the Unscripted Show! A comedy show for kids and their grown ups! Bring Your Kids returns to make madness for your bored children. We have 75 minutes to make you laugh, and no script to do it! Tickets here!


 - Teaching theater class at Circus Juventas has begun!

 - Teaching at HUGE has begun, with an amazing Amplifying Voices 101!

 - Memoir class continues at Highview Hills through COMPAS!

 - Helping devise and direct a show with Partnership Resources Inc, who supports adults with mental and physical disabilities, all put together through COMPAS.  My manager is calling this a 'mega-residency': 6 weeks, four days per week, for two hours. We're one week in and there has been so much laughter. Is the world ready for a musical mystery set in a haunted diner?? LET US FIND OUT!


 - The Mayday's Genre Rollercoaster weekly online musical improv class has begun again! And I am so incredibly grateful. 

 - It's my birthday month! More on that later perhaps. 

Sending so much love!

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