Sunday, February 10, 2013

Off Book! and more.. :)

What's more fun than fun?

OffBook at HUGE Theater.

Tonight was the second time I've played - - once before as an improviser, and now as an actor. Lovely show, lovely peeps: so lucky!

Got to run tech (i.e. make the lights go up and down and THEN play a CD!) at the Brave New Workshop Student Union this last Thursday for "You're Making That Up!"

A very very nice and patient man let me give him a hug.

(He decided to look scared. I was told to look "HUGGIES!". THIS IS INCREDIBLY APPROPRIATE.)

Anywhoo, please keep your ears open for "You're Making That Up!" It's a incredibly fun show, filled with smart dead-FUNNY people, and it was an honor to be privy to such delight.

"After the Apple", a festival of women playwrights, produced by the amazing folk at Table Salt Productions, runs through Feb. 23rd at the Playwrights Center!

A lovely review here!

Hoping your February is treating you beautifully!

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