Sunday, February 17, 2013

A huge THANK YOU to Table Salt Productions! And almost March...

Got the chance to finally see "After the Apple", a women's playwright festival produced by Table Salt Productions. What's neater than neat? Seeing something you wrote, said by other people. Brilliant, funny other people. Seeing what a director does with those words. (Wishing you had taken certain words out. No one uses the word "construct" in conversation.)

Seeing why we do plays/performances/pretend to be other people and things in costumes vs. read to ourselves. Got it. Got it. (IT MAKES EVERYTHING IMPORTANT. YOU BREATHE TOGETHER. AN AUDIENCE IS A PARTICIPANT, NOT JUST AN OBSERVER. IT'S AN ACT OF GENEROSITY ON BOTH SIDES. And then someone performs in such a way that you have to step back and marvel a little. You are a good actor, actor.) :)

Also, just great to see 10 other short plays by OTHER female playwrights. Interesting. Inspirational. Creative-inducing.

Very very lucky and so grateful to Table Salt for this opportunity. Nifty!


I will be back at HUGE Theater this coming Saturday for Off Book! Very excited. Last Saturday was too much fun.

Also, coming up, the return of The Theater of Public Policy!! Making policy sexy for over a year. Mondays in March and April, 6:30 p.m. at HUGE Theater. (I'll be in the March 11th performance*, featuring Nancy Jost of the West Central Initiative, talking about the Case for Universal Pre-K. I would encourage everyone to check these shows out. These shows de-jargon policy in a beautiful way.)

Thanks, friends! Hoping to see you soon!

*Unless something very exciting happens. 

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