Friday, July 9, 2010

What my producer says about The Quest at the Fringe!!!


It's an improvised myth, The Quest, At a pegan community center.

I'm co-producing a BYOV show. The V is for Venue! That is also what people in the biz call "site specific".

One block north of the Gremlin at University and Raymond in Saint Paul. One block from the Gremlin! Nothing feels close to the Gremlin. Am I right? But this is so close!

Just past the liquor store on the corner, and then a new age gift shop, and Key's Restaraunt, then a funny bus bench, then an alley, then the Women's Press... then us! We'll have a sandwich board or something out. I'll probably be standing in front of the Gremlin, actually, telling you to come see our show, so you could also look for me.

7pm. Every day. You could buy tickets right now. Or learn about our previews!

If you've read this far. Thank you.

If you've read this far. I am so sorry.


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