Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tonight! Flash Fiction Improv - FREE

Holy crap. OMG was delightful. Stupidly wonderfully delightful. Thank you to all ladies involved!

*Note to self - - when you laugh hard enough that you end up crying (which, honest to god, is a regular occurrence for me. My laughter gland and my crying gland are oddly and closely placed), you tend to scare even the most supportive of audiences. But, oh.. I laughed so much..

Onward to:

Tonight! An event by Replacement Press: This should be fun. Seriously. Fun.

Bringing this week of artistic and literary hijinks to a close is an event unlike any we've attempted before: an improv literary contest! A handful of Twin Cities writers/improv-ers will be given a prompt, then compose a piece of flash fiction on the spot and compete for your laughter and applause. There will also be live music by local band WE BECAME ACTORS.!/event.php?eid=129335497105372&ref=ts

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