Saturday, December 31, 2022


I thinking about a "oh, that was nice 2022" wrap up, and certain things popped up. But then, looking through the last year, there was a lot of honestly good stuff... A lot of hard, and some things didn't work (and, you know, there's this pandemic), but from where we started.. it's sort of incredible. 

  - I produced a bunch of shows! Well... define a bunch. But so lucky! There's A Crack in Everything, Bring Your Kids, Nudge at the BLB, Something Musical.... 

 - I did a bunch of shows! Not only the above, but the insane joy of Poppa Pia, Give the Drummer Some, the three minutes I wrote and performed at Rev. Matt's Monster Science Award show still makes me proud, took my first swing at solo musical improv, stuff at HUGE... so lucky. 

 - I wrote less music than last year, but played out much much more, including kids' music at Midtown Global Market, spooky stuff with Will Roberts, and a solo spot in Mary Jo Pehl's garage.

 - I taught a bunch. So many thanks to COMPASHUGEChildren's Theatre... 

 - I wrote a goddamn musical with the amazing folks at PRI, and then we performed it. 

 - I got to take a week-long musical improv workshop with a bunch of dreams. 

 - I made a bunch of posters. And google websites. 

 -  And a one-offs and workshop-teaching and very very lucky. 

My kids got bigger and I'm still in awe. 

2023, we can only and just hope. And work. And re-define. 

Taking things in bits, what's happening in January 2023? (i.e. the future)

 - NUDGE returns! We'll be up Fridays at 8 p.m. at HUGE, January and February. So excited to play. Sweet Teeth opens!

 - Jim Robinson and I are HR Seminar at Improv a Go GoHUGE, Sundays January 15th, 22nd, and 29th. 8 p.m., Pay what you like!

 - OMG! comes to Daleko Arts in New Prague! I'll be up Saturday Jan. 21st. 

 - The HUGE Anniversary Show! Saturday Jan. 29th, 8 p.m. at you-know-where.

 - I'll be teaching for HUGE (AV 301 and Throwback Night's Armando!) and for Children's Theatre Company, back to the Bakken, and a little bit of COMPAS..

...And then figuring out the rest! I don't usually do yearly goals or plans, but it sounds orienting for this year. Getting one's bearings, etc. So much has been thrown up into the air, and adjusted accordingly. 

Sending so much love, health, and goodness to you and yours.

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