Sunday, November 21, 2021

Vulnerability Hangover

Real quick!
I saw Jacqueline Novak's "Get On Your Knees" on Friday, sold out show at the Parkway. 

It is a rare rare thing to see such a complete work of art. 

Someone who's figured out their voice so completely, drops hints and bits throughout a 1.5 show, and then wraps it up with the most impossible bow. AND THEN DOES IT AGAIN ON TOUR. 

She made me cry. Not sad cry, but more like awe-experience-overlwhelm cry. 

She did it. 

AND THEN... Penny and the Bandits had their first show!!

Thank you to Samantha Baker-Harris and James Rone for supporting the whole thing, between amazing singing, amazing playing, and THE BEST between song patter. Thank you to Jim and Dennis of Table Salt for producing it. Thanks to the Bryant Lake Bowl for support, tech, food, drink, and space. Thanks to Cliff Zawatsky for amazing photos. Thank you to Barb Abney for press. Thank you to everyone who came (AND ALSO GIGGLED). Whewwwwwww!

That's more weekend than I've weekend-end in a very very very long time. 

This morning, I dreamt of a daytime post-show car crash, and was so mad at David Dastmalchian going through my car, and picking through the bits for insurance. I thought he was stealing my crap. I shakily got up and took my ukulele out of the crashed Subaru, leaving baby clothes and other things. Sarah Jessica-Parker showed up: she fit the astronaut halloween costume that had also been inside the car. 

I'm off to make more coffee. 

All the love. 

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