Thursday, April 19, 2018

Updates upon updates!

Hi friends! Whelp. That sped by. 

I was lucky enough to be a part of Family Dinner at HUGE Theater (winter 2016 & 2017). The Star Tribune even reviewed us!

That's baby Leo getting a shout out as a prop. ;)

I also was a part of Party Riot, a new femme-identifying/gender queer performance also at HUGE. 

I was part of the movement group, which meant that we looked like this, sometimes.. 

Or this. 

An amazing group of people to play with! 

And I also got to continue with Show X, which is more fun than fun. It's this fun.  

And then this fun... 

Which sometimes becomes this fun... (so very lucky). 

So, very lucky to be doing a lot of this, and making a lot of faces, these last couple of years.

Because that was the last time I updated this site! (good god.)

Still an Artist in Residence at Pillsbury House + Theatre, still a teaching artist at Children's Theatre Company, still a teaching artist at Park Square Theater, still teaching a little for Improv Parenting, still coaching on the side. Very lucky!

I now can update with what's coming? Right? Maybe? 

Hoping things are good. Onward. 

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