Sunday, October 28, 2012

Ah, Toronto.. and a SURPRISE HOLY CRAP!

Hi friends!

The Toronto Improv Festival was great. Generous awesome crowd, generous awesome organizers. We appeared, did a show in a lovely giant blackbox theater, got our first non-alcoholic suggestion (which was lovely!), reunited with the excellent Meghan Wolff (who rocked it), secured crepes, and then walked back to our hotel, dodging mummies and drunk Power Rangers. Canada believes in Halloween. :)


Mike Doughty will be our Armando for a special performance at HUGE Theater.

If you're not sure who Mike Doughty is, think former Soul Coughing front man, amazing solo artist, writer, storyteller and good god. (Also think me listening obsessively, between the years 1995 and.. 2010? I've hung out with this guy's voice a lot.)

If you're not sure what an Armando is, don't worry: it just means that he's going to tell stories (!!! and he's an excellent storyteller), and then we shall improvise inspired by said stories.

If you're not sure what HUGE is, what better time to check it out, indeed? :)

Am I excited? Indeedy do. So very.

Armando Night featuring Mike Doughty.
THIS Friday Nov. 2nd
10:30 p.m., $20, HUGE Theater.

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